We provide EV Charging electrical solutions and services for the EV Charging needs of businesses and residents of all sizes.

EV Home Charging Station

At Annapolis Bishop Electric LLC, our experts can work with you to install EV chargers for your home. Our professionals will be able to provide service for every aspect of the EV charging station. Our EV charging station installation experts can guarantee high quality workmanship, professional customer service, and your complete satisfaction. Our goal as a company is to help build the infrastructure that’s currently needed for electric vehicles across the U.S.A, and we look forward to working with you to accomplish that. You can always feel confident in knowing that you have quick and easy access to power for your vehicle using EV charging station. We regularly install EV charging stations at businesses and residences in Maryland. You need an electrician who understands how power systems work in large facilities and the different levels of chargers. An electric vehicle’s ability to quickly recharge depends on two things: the electrical supply and the EV charging unit used. We follow a standard process electric vehicle charging station installation.