Residential Electrical service

Annapolis Bishop Electric LLC  proudly offers residential electrical services in Anne Arundel County Annapolis MD areas. Schedule your appointment & see the difference for yourself.

Residential Electric service

Our experienced electricians can do lighting (Interior & exterior), panel upgrades, electrical repair, generator installation and  much more. Our expert electricians providing top notch electrical service to Anne Arundel County Annapolis Maryland and surrounding areas.


Whether you have new lighting fixtures that need to be installed in your home, or if your new addition needs to be wired, Annapolis Bishop Electric LLC can help. Our contractors will work with the general contractor or directly with the homeowner on most projects. We can update the electric wiring in your home, install recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and flat screen TVs and much more.


Our residential electrical service include installing new outlets or switches, repairing or replacing damaged electrical wiring, or installing new electrical systems in a home. Let us help you make your home with full of light. If you are utilizing the services of an interior designer, we would be happy to work with them to bring your vision to light.